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Originally posted by jenny_jenkins at Joy! Joy! Sheer Arsenal Joy! Arsenal & Arsenal Ladies Do The FA Cup Double!

What a great game vs Everton for our wonderful Arsenal Ladies who have given the club their latest FA Cup double!!

For the men two weeks ago - it was the 11th FA Cup in Arsenal's history - that is a record. And it was the fifth of our beloved coach's career with Arsenal - who now holds the record for a modern coach.

I have some pictures of both wins - more for the men, because the women are still celebrating on the pitch and I need to make some gifs. But I'll update the post in a few hours :)

The women's final will go first!
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gunkidd:IN ARSÈNE WE TRUSTthank you!
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So first we were in crisis. And then we whipped Sp*rs asses the day before transfer deadline day and then Arsene Wenger trolled us all with: "I promise, if we have a big signing tomorrow, we will make an announcement!" And he said it in that sweetly confiding way he has of talking to I wasn't even mad.

Then the next day came...and we made an orgasmic I really wasn't mad...

Meet club-record signing Mesut Özil:


Isn't he adorable? His community (which I run: shameless plug coming up - crinkly_ears is the place) is named for a reason- his ears are literally upside down. And yes, you are all welcome. I am fully in the business of converting all of Mesut's fans who are not Gunners already (though a surprising number are - he really is the prototypical Arsenal player) into Arsenal fans and turning all Gunners into lovers of Mesutosity.

He is a wizard. He is beautiful to watch. He drives me to tears occasionally with a pass. He is pure magic when he's on - and he's on a great deal. Arsenal couldn't have signed a more beautiful or elegant player and I love we did it - I love we told everyone: "Stuff your new centre-backs and your new goalkeeper! We're going to improve on something we already do well - dazzling the watchers!"

Here he is from the front:

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Oh yes - if they haven't got them, Yaya, Mathieu and Mesut will be needing tags

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Dear Spuds signings. Welcome to London.

Group F***ed



Oh - uh...I feel I should offer something comforting:

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Can I just point out a couple of things about this bid?

As beloved Amy Lawrence pointed out recently, this could be the coolest bid in history - possibly only just surpassed by that one for 333,333 pounds.

This is Arsenal. And we trolling Liverpool. And God - it's so much fun while it lasts!!!!!

Now it could be a while before we see an improved bid. Because you know what he's like...

Captioned with "This could take a while..."

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Summer Reading

So here's an article on why Football's Royalty (that's us, of course) would consider breaking the EPL record for a transfer.


And here's Brendan Rodgers (he was never the sharpest knife in the drawer) wondering why he'd want to come (LOL - it begins with a "C" and ends with an "L")

Could it be CL? Or the dead-certainty you'll finish above Tottenham :p

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19 June 2013 @ 04:22 pm
You guys.  Have you seen this?!

via Dirty Tackle:

Per Mertesacker unleashes a spin move on Didier Drogba at Ballack farewell match

A special farewell match for former German captain Michael Ballack, who retired last year, was held in Leipzig, Germany and featured an interesting mix of stars. The "Ballack and Friends" team included the likes of Miroslav Klose, Dietmar Hamann and Torsten Frings, while the "World Team" included The Continental himself (Dimitar Berbatov), Didier Drogba, Andriy Shevchenko, Philipp Lahm and Jose Mourinho as manager.

Despite all those big names and the fact that it was Ballack's curtain call, Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker ended up being the star of the night with his impromptu skill show all over Didier Drogba. The 6'6" defender took the ball off Drogba in the box with a delightful spin move that probably made Didier question his very existence.

According to this article in Marca Barcelona are looking at Koscielny and want to buy him for a measly, pathetic 15 million.


Barcelona may already have contacted Arsenal to start negotiations for the player and the Londoners would not be averse to his departure.

According to The Mirror, Kosc's agent has been talking and Bayern Munich are on the list of interested clubs:

Koscielny has already opened the exit door by claiming he could walk away if Arsenal fail to show ambition in the transfer market.

And his agent Stephane Courbois has now fuelled fresh talk that Koscielny, who has four years left on his contract, is a target for the European giants.

He said: "There is interest. I know that Laurent is part of a shortlist of three or four players for both clubs."

Arsene Wenger would loathe to lose the 27-year-old centre-back who enjoyed his best season since joining Arsenal in a £8.5m switch from Lorient three years ago. But Koscielny's words echo those of Robin van Persie, who left the Emirates for Manchester United last summer.

The comforting part of this article is the "Arsene Wenger would loathe..." bit - but for the rest:

Nope. Nope. Nope.

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Okay - the last one sounds like a wild rumour - but supposedly, we are keeping tabs on him.

The more serious rumours that can be backed up are as follows:

Marouanne Fellaini (Everton)

We have activated (or tried to, rather - the player has to agree) the buy-out clause of Marouanne Fellaini for 26 million.

Gonzalo Higuain (Real Madrid):

We are almost certainly trying to get, among others, Gonzalo Higuain of Real Madrid. I think we can take this for granted because after wanting 25 million for him, Perez suddenly wants 30 million Euros - he said so this week. Why? Because he knows that we are now in the race when previously only one club was: Juventus. This is an apparent way of getting a bidding war started.

More importantly: the player admitted he was talking to us.

Everyone else on this list has been linked with us in the past week and is known to be in a position Wenger wants strengthening.

So what do we think?
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Arsenal can now afford to sign Wayne Rooney, says chief executive

• Arsène Wenger to have extra £70m a year for top players
• Ivan Gazidis outlines increase in Arsenal's 'financial firepower'

That's the headline in the Guardian today. And guys. It looks real. There are quotes and shit from Gazidis + Picture of kind Mr Wenger with him.


And I don't mean the Rooney-transfer looks real, specifically, I mean the money. The money looks like it's actually going to be there now...

What do we think? I'm a little...speechless. It's been a LOOOONG time. We never spent that big anyway before building the stadium - because player-inflation wasn't as bad before 2005. But they always talked about slightly more money (a cynic would say, around the time the season tickets needed renewing) but this time it looks really legit.

I'm really thrilled, myself :))
19 May 2013 @ 08:18 pm
Happy St. Tottenham's day

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Woop woop