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Per Mertesacker: better than your faves

You guys.  Have you seen this?!

via Dirty Tackle:

Per Mertesacker unleashes a spin move on Didier Drogba at Ballack farewell match

A special farewell match for former German captain Michael Ballack, who retired last year, was held in Leipzig, Germany and featured an interesting mix of stars. The "Ballack and Friends" team included the likes of Miroslav Klose, Dietmar Hamann and Torsten Frings, while the "World Team" included The Continental himself (Dimitar Berbatov), Didier Drogba, Andriy Shevchenko, Philipp Lahm and Jose Mourinho as manager.

Despite all those big names and the fact that it was Ballack's curtain call, Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker ended up being the star of the night with his impromptu skill show all over Didier Drogba. The 6'6" defender took the ball off Drogba in the box with a delightful spin move that probably made Didier question his very existence.

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