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We bid 40 million + 1 pound (40,000,001) to try to get Luiz Suarez and no one makes a post?

Can I just point out a couple of things about this bid?

As beloved Amy Lawrence pointed out recently, this could be the coolest bid in history - possibly only just surpassed by that one for 333,333 pounds.

This is Arsenal. And we trolling Liverpool. And God - it's so much fun while it lasts!!!!!

Now it could be a while before we see an improved bid. Because you know what he's like...

Captioned with "This could take a while..."

BP9knlyCUAAnnhv.jpg large

Summer Reading

So here's an article on why Football's Royalty (that's us, of course) would consider breaking the EPL record for a transfer.


And here's Brendan Rodgers (he was never the sharpest knife in the drawer) wondering why he'd want to come (LOL - it begins with a "C" and ends with an "L")

Could it be CL? Or the dead-certainty you'll finish above Tottenham :p

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