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Record-Breakers: 10 Away Wins, A Record-Breaking Buy, A Record-Breaking Scoring Run...


So first we were in crisis. And then we whipped Sp*rs asses the day before transfer deadline day and then Arsene Wenger trolled us all with: "I promise, if we have a big signing tomorrow, we will make an announcement!" And he said it in that sweetly confiding way he has of talking to I wasn't even mad.

Then the next day came...and we made an orgasmic I really wasn't mad...

Meet club-record signing Mesut Özil:


Isn't he adorable? His community (which I run: shameless plug coming up - crinkly_ears is the place) is named for a reason- his ears are literally upside down. And yes, you are all welcome. I am fully in the business of converting all of Mesut's fans who are not Gunners already (though a surprising number are - he really is the prototypical Arsenal player) into Arsenal fans and turning all Gunners into lovers of Mesutosity.

He is a wizard. He is beautiful to watch. He drives me to tears occasionally with a pass. He is pure magic when he's on - and he's on a great deal. Arsenal couldn't have signed a more beautiful or elegant player and I love we did it - I love we told everyone: "Stuff your new centre-backs and your new goalkeeper! We're going to improve on something we already do well - dazzling the watchers!"

Here he is from the front:



And it's real. He's been training and stuff and hanging out with former teammate (from Werder Bremen) Per Mertesacker...

And he's done his initiation already - which involved standing on a chair and singing something. Please boys (I'm looking at you Poldi!) a leaked camera-video would be nice!

 photo ozilinitiationpic_zps52e98f4a.png

I'd talk about his game, but I tend to be long-winded on the subject of Mesut, so suffice to say: he does random elegant and gorgeous shit like this back-heeled pass to Gibbsy in the middle of games -


As a German Real Madrid fan, I can tell you from experience: you can get used to having someone that awesome on your team very quickly.

As an aside: it meant the Mancs were the transfer window flops this season - and ain't that a nice change?

Moving right along...

We broke ANOTHER record today:




Also - I'm just leaving this here - I found this randomly hilarious -


So yeah - we're top of Group F^%$#@d with 3 points and the boys looked really happy going home -


Theo got his first goal of the season and Rambo scored AGAIN! Which is beating all kinds of personal records for him. Aaron baby! I always believed in you!!

In closing, I am leaving this gif behind as a reminder that our team is not only record-breaking, it is HAWT -



Oh yes - if they haven't got them, Yaya, Mathieu and Mesut will be needing tags

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